3 Ways To Cook With Tea

Whether you Earl Grey all the way, keep calm with a herbal or feel a little nice with fruit and spice, tea goes beyond the humble cup in these tea-riffic dishes.


The Hidden Risks Of Craft Beer

It’s been an exciting few years for craft beer, but as the industry continues to grow and mature, so too will its challenges. Here are some issues and health risks drinkers should be paying attention to.


drunkman  square 345x233 The Hidden Risks Of Craft Beer

Anyone who has experienced the last hour of a beer festival has seen craft beer fans who may be pushing their fandom to dangerous limits. Craft beer culture encourages curiosity and exploration among consumers but has relatively little to say about healthy drinking habits. By turning beer into a hobby and a lifestyle, craft as a market trend smooths out a lot of the stigma that would otherwise be attached to, say, drinking an 11% double IPA at lunch and then having another one. 

The Enviromental Issue

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Beer is an agricultural product reliant on access to clean water and a consistent supply of quality hops and grain. With the current drought situation, access to water is currently on the mind of many breweries. 

On the other end, the brewing process produces a significant amount of byproducts and waste in the form of spent grain, hops and yeast. Donating spent grain—the leftover malt from brewing and beer’s biggest byproduct—to local farmers for animal feed is common practice, but it could get more complicated as there are proposed rules from the Food and Drug Administration under the Food Safety Modernization Act to regulate brewers’ spent grain sold as animal feed.


Wines For People Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

Non-alcoholic wines or shall we rather refer to it as grape juice?


Cape Town Restaurant Launches Menu For Dogs

It’s official, Die Damhuis restaurant in Melkbosstrand is going to the dogs!


Darling Cellars Lime Kilns Burns Bright in Winemag Report

Motivating the importance of the Cape White Blend Report, Winemag editor Christian Eedes says: “Chenin (Blanc) is our most planted variety by far (17 543ha in the ground at the end of 2017, this making up 18.6% of the national vineyard) and we should find ways to celebrate it.”


Festive Fun For All At Bouchard Finlayson

As we’re entering the festive season, Bouchard Finlayson looks forward to welcoming all the family!


Savoury Chicken Bites With Angostura Orange Bitters

With the summer season on our doorstep, you’re sure to be looking for a couple of easy and fun snack ideas for your next weekend braai. Try this savoury chicken bites with a dash of Angostura Bitters.


This Is The World’s Most Instagrammable Cocktail

Google has used its powers of social media to create a cocktail that it believes to be the most shareable, tapping into the most current cocktail trends.


Boplaas White Blend Triumphs With Best Score In Wine Magazine Annual White Wine Report

The Boplaas Gamka Branca Reserve 2017 has received 94/100 points in the Cape White Wine Report from Wine Magazine, the highest score of all wines featured in the highly regarded South African survey. Wines from 32 producers including some of the country’s top wineries were submitted for consideration.


People Are Wasting Real Money on Empty Bottles of Trump’s Failed Vodka

Donald Trump has run a lot of businesses into the ground. There was Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump Mortgages, and Trump University (you probably remember how that one ended), just to name a few.

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