Scottish Distillery Creates The Worlds Strongest Gin

A Scottish distillery has created the officially world’s strongest gin, with 77 per cent alcohol by volume. Created by Twin River Distillery, in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, a limited run of just 10


Jack Black Enters Partnership With Heineken

After months of speculation, it’s official: Heineken has bought a minority stake in Jack Black. This is Heineken’s third foray into South African craft beer in the past year. In March 2017 they ac


Monkey Shoulder Whisky To Unveil Concrete Mixer Size Cocktail Shaker

Monkey Shoulder, the blended malt Scotch whisky, is bringing the fun back to serious cocktails in a big way, with the introduction of The Monkey Mixer.


A Worrying Number Of People Believe Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows

Chocolate milk is, by all accounts, delicious. 


SA`s First Ever Pizza Delivery Service Moves To Cape Town`s East City

Call-A-Pizza, the first ever pizza delivery service in South Africa, packed up shop after almost 31 years in Sea Point, to move to 69 Hope Street in Cape Town’s East City.


A Bar Is A Bar, But A Tavern, That’s History

THERE are many places to have a beer in the state, and then there are taverns. In Connecticut, there is a legal distinction between a bar and a tavern. Bars can serve whatever you're having, includ


Top 5 Bars For The Best Karaoke Experience In Lagos

Music, drinks, and food are triplets of fun for many reasons. For those who love to go night crawling, its either they are dancing or singing to music once


H2o Terminates Water Services In City

Water Purifier H2O have decided to eliminate their refilling services and will no longer sell treated water in Cape Town.


How To Pair Tea With Cheese

CeAnne Kosel of St Fiacre's Farm in Oregon schools us in the art of pairing tea with cheese.


Coffee In California May Soon Come With A Cancer Warning

It contains acrylamide, a possible carcinogen

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