Non-alcoholic Wine And Beer Market To Grow by 7.6% By 2024

The market for non-alcoholic wine and beer is growing in the US, Europe and around the world, writes Pankaj Singh of Global Market Insights.


Having Five Drinks On A First Date Maximises Your Chances Of Having Sex

DOWNING five drinks on a first date maximises your chances of having sex, a sex survey shows. But it also increases the chances your lover will never want to see you again. Experts say booze lowers…


Selling More Science Than Skill

These days, being good at selling is not just about having a quality product, strong brand, sizeable marketing budget and loads of charm. It’s about having a global reference, understanding a new g


BMW Is Patenting Champagne Glasses That Fill From The Bottom

If we had to guess, the technology could wind up in high-end 7 Series or Rolls-Royce cars


Township Vineyards Taking Flight in Cape Town

Surprise everyone with a tour of the only vineyards in Cape Town’s townships. You will see rows of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat in the market garden plots between the corrugated iron struc


Constellation Brands To Invest Extra $4bn In Cannabis Company


Is Devil’s Peak trying to monopolise South African craft?

Last week, in what started as a quiet deal and ended being shouted from the social media rooftops, Devil’s Peak – or in fact Signal Hill Products, the parent company to the Cape Town brewery ?  s


Recovery Of Cognac Continues As Exports Reach Record High


How Fanta Was Invented In Nazi Germany

Fanta is for many the definitive orange soda. Popular worldwide, the brand has always been owned by Coca-Cola. But the drink was actually created in Germany, and owes its existence to ingredient short


Why Cocktail Catering Is A Good Side Hustle For Bartenders

The benefits of working special events—and how to get started

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