WOSA cry Wolf!

Neil Pendock March 8, 2014 0

A newsflash from WOSA! What could it be? Newsflash #1 for the year. Well it turns out to be a “save the date” memo for Cape Wine 2015 in 18 months time. Time to have two babies. Another whole vintage away. Two actually as we’ve yet to bottle 2014. Any information imparted?


Apart from the three-day show, there will be a selection of pre-, post- and evening events hosted by wineries, with details to be announced later.

The website, www.capewine2015, will go live in September 2014, when registration for attendance will also open. Bookings for stands at Cape Wine 2015 will open in November 2014.

We’ll keep you posted.


Why include a link to a website that only goes live in six months time. This newsflash is totally ridiculous. It is not a newsflash. It is a waste of time. WOSA, for heavens sake, get a grip!

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