Wine Lizardspeak

Neil Pendock December 15, 2013 0

Returning to his smousing roots, another commercial offering from the Wine Lizard in associasion with Winestyle. Shipping may be free, but how will they ever find the right door for deliveries with shocking spelling like this? But imagine signing for a delivery from Mavericks… Dildos are us!

Is this the same reptile offering tasting qualifications in associasion with UCT? Max Price, time to send your wine professor for re-education.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: A frog tries to hide behind a reed but his bulging eyes and wide mouth were

And how does this work exactly? Rate wine and then sell it? Not even Platter would be so bold. And why pay R99 to the Lizard for Earthbound wine when Tops @ Spar have the whites for R45 and the reds for R54. What a joke!

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