Who cuts the hairdresser’s hair?

Neil Pendock November 28, 2012 1

The day after the Eat Out Awards, newly crowned chef of the year Margot Janse, international superstar Massimo Bottura from Modena, Eat Out Best Steakhouse winner Giorgio Nava and the closest Jozi comes to celebrity chefdom David Higgs, lunched at Bizerca Bistro from whence David tweeted pictorial proof.  Which speaks volumes for which restaurant is delivering the goods according to the Eat Out elite.

Meanwhile I’m sure the chefs at Saigon will be wishing SA had the libel laws of the UK and a Lord McAlpine look-alike to sue the trolls  who rubbished the restaurant  after it won Best Asian at Eat Out.  Called a paedophile by twitter trolls, Lord Mac is suing 10,000 tweeters for libel.  Probably only 20 “high profile” twits will be twatted with the definition of “high profile” having move than 500 followers.  Which puts twitdom into a weird kind of perspective.

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  1. Nix November 28, 2012 at 8:17 am -

    Very true. I always find it interesting to see what winemakers drink as well. Other than the wines they make themselves, obviously.

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