Having Five Drinks On A First Date Maximises Your Chances Of Having Sex

DOWNING five drinks on a first date maximises your chances of having sex, a sex survey shows. But it also increases the chances your lover will never want to see you again. Experts say booze lowers…


This beer is scientifically designed to increase your sex drive

Forger brewers droop now beer makers have unveiled a new tipple scientifically designed to boost a drinker’s sex drive.


We Put Eight Cocktails To The Test And Rate Them For Taste & Freshness

APEROL has its 99th birthday this year and with sales up 53 per cent, it is definitely reason to celebrate. The Italian cocktail is the drink of the summer and a sunny Instagram post is not complet…


Does Skinny Beer Taste Like Corona? We Tested It To Find Out

THE creators of a low supermarket beer reckon it tastes just like Corona but with almost a third of the calories. Kicking back with a bottle of Skinny Larger will set you back only 89 calories comp…

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Mayonnaise Ice Cream Is Dividing The Internet

GONE are the days of simply vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream with inventors creating enough flavours to suit even the fussiest frozen dessert fan. But now a British ice cream shop has com


Aldi Has Launched Its Own Version Of Hendrick’s Gin – And It Costs £12 Less Than The Original

ALDI is releasing a new gin that looks suspiciously similar to a Hendrick’s gin – but for a fraction of the price. The budget supermarket’s so-called Harrison’s Cucumber gin…

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Amazon Prime Day 2018: Best Alcohol And Spirits Deals Including Tanqueray No. Ten Gin And Absolut Vodka

TODAY’S the day – it’s Amazon Prime Day. And the online retailer is giving shoppers the opportunity to stock up on booze at a bargain price. It’s not just prices on alcohol …



IT’S officially the middle of the week so to celebrate making it this far why not browse our hand selected goodies and treat yourself. From bold fashion choices to make-up must haves, here ar…


These Are The ‘healthy’ Smoothies That Have More Sugar Than Coca Cola

DESPITE many smoothies promising to deliver your five a day, many can be worse for you than fizzy drinks when it comes to sugar content. Drinks such as Innocent’s Pomegranate Magic smoothie were fo


Lewis Hamilton Has Been Recording His Own Music With Popstar Jess Glynne

LEWIS Hamilton is usually in the driving seat . . . but when it comes to steering a path to pop glory he’s happy to take a back seat. The four-time Formula 1 champ has teamed up with mega-successfu

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