A Taste Of Tasmania

Pinot noirs and chardonnays thrive in the cool oceanic climate, says David Williams


Berger & Wyse On Wine – Cartoon

Chill factor...


Cocktail Of The Week: A Quick Session

This refreshing beer cocktail, based on a classic, is perfect for parties


Gin And Beer Are In – But Hold The Wine

Despite media reports that Generation Z are forgoing alcohol for a healthier lifestyle, students seem to be bucking that trend


That’s Monophagous: The Woman Who Drinks Nothing But Pepsi And Has Done For The Past 64 Years

It’s unusual to want to consume only the one thing, again and again, day after day, but at least there’s a scientific name for it


Trouble Brewing: Climate Change To Cause ‘dramatic’ Beer Shortages

Extreme weather damage to the global barley crop will mean price spikes and supply problems, according to new research


German Off-dry Rieslings And The Wines Inspired By Them

Long considered terminally unfashionable, these lovely light low-alcohol wines are staging a comeback. By David Williams


Cocktail Of The Week: Bramble

Inspired by the British pastime of brambling, this is a legacy of that legend of the bar scene, Dick Bradsell


Drink Young And Beautiful: Wines That Needn’t Wait

Received wisdom says good wines improve with age, yet some are so delicious right now, there’s little point in waiting


High Hops: New Zealand Ministry Pumps Millions Into Craft Beer

Ministry of primary industries takes part in project to create a new hops and beer for export

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