It’s Beer, But Not As We Know It: Scientists Dispense With Need For Hops

Scientists in the US used DNA-editing software to splice in genes from mint and basil plants


Pub Saved By Locals Serves First Pint After Reopening

Almost 500 people chipped in more than £1m to stop the Packhorse Inn in Somerset from being turned into flats


Does Booze Go With Chocolate? I Should Cocoa …

Chocolate is tricky to pair with drinks, at Easter or any other time. But from lighter sweet white wines to stouts, it’s always possible to find a match


Sparking Reds: A Fizz With A Difference

Give a fizzy red a whirl – here are three corkers


Greg Rutherford: ‘i Was The One Stealing From The Milk-float After An All-nighter’

The Olympic long jumper on pizza, being ‘fit-fat’ and letting kids eat chocolate


Beyond Guinness: What To Drink This St Patrick’s Day

Make a change from the Guinness or Baileys, and widen your horizons with a smooth whiskey or apple port


Cocktail Of The Week: Caravan’s Coffee Negroni

Cocktail of the week: Caravan’s coffee negroni


St Patrick’s Day Cocktail: Irish Goodbye

The good mixer The combination of the nation’s stout and creme de cassis makes for a fancier Guinness and black, taken up a notch further with whiskey


Magnum Force: Bigger Bottles Make Impact On Uk Wine Sales

Waitrose reports sales have doubled as supersize bottles move into the mainstream


Losing The Booze: Five Ways To Drink Less Without Missing Out

Cutting down doesn’t have to be a chore. Try these simple tricks to cut alcohol consumption while maximising your pleasure

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