New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet: Yes, We Did Too Many Alan Dershowitz Stories

‘We are trying to increase our coverage of cranky white guys,’ Dean Baquet joked of the NYT’s Alan Dershowitz stories, adding, ‘We should have coordinated better and done fewer.’


A Scotch Holiday You Need To Celebrate This Week

Fans of Robert Burns will be drinking whisky toasts to the national poet of Scotland on his birthday this Thursday.


How Fire Has Shaped California?s Wine Industry

The wildfires in Napa and Sonoma are only the most recent fires to hurt the state?s wineries.


Why Dan Aykroyd?s Wine Cellar Is Empty

The legendary actor and funny man talks about his signature cocktails, his favorite bars, and why he keeps running out of vino.


How To Drink Like Garbage?s Shirley Manson

Garbage is back on tour, and we got lead singer Shirley Manson to reveal the band?s favorite cocktails.


The Rum-Soaked History of Pirates and Sailors

On July 31, 1970—47 years ago come Monday—Britain’s Royal Navy issued its last daily rum ration.


Vatican Priests and Nuns Are Drowning In Wine

The Vatican has the highest per capita consumption of wine and it has nothing to do with holy mass.


Trump Wine is built on acres of lies

The GOP frontrunner’s claim that he owns ‘the largest winery on the East Coast’ is not true when it comes down to the amount of wine he makes.


How Gin Became The Meth of 18th Century England

Today, the gin and tonic seems such a safe, civilized concoction. But when gin first hit England it caused a swathe of drunken destruction.


The Black Women Leading South Africa’s Wine Revolution

For many years, South Africa’s blacks were excluded from wine-drinking, as well as wine-making. Now, companies like Seven Sisters are blazing a revolutionary trail.

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