Well Done: The Indian Vegetarian Selling Steaks In Hong Kong

Sandeep Sekhri came to Hong Kong as a young immigrant from India, opened his first eatery in 2002, with a little help from a friend, and now runs a collection of fine-dining restaurants that employ 80


What Grassroots Pantry’s Peggy Chan Cooks For Herself At Home

Miso, nori and spices of all kinds fill the shelves at the home of chef Peggy Chan, chef and owner of Grassroots Pantry; ; kombucha is her daytime pick-me-up, while a glass of good wine helps her wind


Susan Jung’s Favourite Comfort Food: Two Easy-to-make Recipes

Be it Chinese steamed custard or a noodle dish that’s fun for kids, sometimes it pays to keep things simple and homely


Restaurant Review: Alvin Leung?s Forbidden Duck In Causeway Bay Delights And Disappoints

Too many dishes came at once and the signature slow-cooked duck was a huge letdown, but everything else ? from the Peking duck meat to the seafood rice in aromatic duck soup ? was quite superb


Thai Street Food Chef Propelled To New Culinary Heights By Michelin Star ? She Wonders What Took Them So Long

In recent months, officials in the military-ruled country who see street food as an illegal nuisance have warned hawkers to clear out of some of the city?s neighbourhoods


Chiu Chow Cuisine: Hong Kong Restaurants Reveal Secrets Of Southern Chinese Dishes

Soy goose, braised goose, chilled crab, oyster congee ? owners of three restaurants, one of them newly listed by Michelin, explain what goes into making the hearty dishes migrants brought with them fr


Bar Review: Big Sur, Soho ? California Vibe And Satisfying Drinks To Suit Everyone

Craft beers, tequilas, well-made cocktails and a decent choice of whiskies and wines make this light airy bar a great place for a few drinks or a session


New & Noted: Zen, Wan Chai ? A Satisfying Mix Of Old School And Hip Dishes For All Tastes

From traditional char siu and sizzling Chinese lettuce hotpot to the funky pan-fried king prawns and clams with vegetables in red fermented wine paste, this enjoyable menu celebrates both new and old


A Steak-loving Hong Kong Sweet Shop Founder?s Favourite Places To Eat

Olivia Niddam, founder of The BonBonist, on her favourite restaurant for desserts, the best steak house in Hong Kong, why she has a thing for Arcane, and the Thai restaurant that?s her ?lunch canteen?


Israeli Company Says It Developed World?s Smallest Cherry Tomato To Be ?comfortable?

It?s a point of pride in a country known for its agricultural innovation, where fruits and vegetables are taken seriously and where several strands of the variety were first invented

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