Hong Kong?s ?hunger Games? Restaurant Culture Follows Movie Blockbuster Model ? Money Hungry, Fast And Fickle

The city?s food scene is precarious. With 14,000 restaurants, competition is stiff. Some don?t last long. Many restaurateurs have turned the industry into show business to stay afloat, flaunting celeb


New Restaurants In Hong Kong: Explore Burmese Cuisine At Mohinga In Ho Man Tin ?

Hong Kong is home to many Southeast Asian restaurants, but rarely will you find one specialising in Burmese food. Explore unique flavours of Myanmar at this Ho Man Tin venue that?s named after a popul


Chefs And Cultural Appropriation: Jamie Oliver Not The Only One In The Firing Line

British TV chef?s launch of a product whose name includes ?jerk rice? provokes pushback from a UK legislator of Jamaican heritage. It?s not the only example of chefs and retailers being accused of app


A Turkish Restaurant Owner?s Hong Kong Picks For Mediterranean Food (plus The Best Doner Kebab In Istanbul)

Ahmet Karabas sticks mainly to food from his home region and doesn?t eat much Asian food because of a food sensitivity. He does like Xinjiang food though ? but hasn?t found anywhere good in Hong Kong


Inside China Podcast: The Story Of Dumplings

The story of dumplings is the story of the globalisation of Chinese cuisine


How To Make Pancit, A Philippine Take On Chinese Fried Noodles

Sour ingredients provide a distinctive Philippine flavour and give the dish a lift


Why Champagne House Laurent-perrier Has Perfected The Art Of Blending

For Laurent-Perrier’s Alexandra Pereyre de Nonancourt, combining harvests makes for a better sparkling wine than individual vintages


New Restaurants In Hong Kong: The Sultan?s Table In Soho Serves Up Tasty Turkish Favourites

From generous mezze to delicious kofte with hummus, the menu at The Sultan?s Table ? now located on Old Bailey Street ? is suitable for both meat lovers and vegetarians. But be warned, the meals are h

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Chef Talks About Struggle To Keep His Kids Away From Fast Food

Graham Neville, head chef of Dublin’s Dax Restaurant, reveals that he got into cooking because it was easy after failing to make it into dental school, but educating his children about where food co


Mount Etna?s Bounty: Caponata, Arancini, Scamorza And More Make Sicily A Food Heaven You?ll Never Want To Leave

Mind-blowing ingredients grown in the volcanic soils of Mount Etna or fished from the Mediterranean Sea, piquant flavours of a cuisine shaped by waves of invaders, all savoured at an alfresco lunch pu

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