No Chopsticks For Man Who Has Dined At Over 7,300 Chinese Restaurants

David R. Chan’s love of lists and determination never to eat at the same place twice has seen him become an accidental expert on Chinese-American history. Just don’t call him a foodie


Salt Fat Acid Heat, Cookery Show On Netflix, Rejects Traditional Tv Formula

Most travel food shows are about white male discovery. Most home cooking shows are about white female domesticity. Host Samin Nosrat changes all of that


How To Steam Fish: Key Recipe For First-time Cooks To Learn

Once you have mastered the basics of steaming fish, a mere tweak of the ingredients can create a Thai, Sichuan or Cantonese classic


If You?re A Vegan And You Object To Eating Honey, Avocados May Be Unacceptable Too

Should you avoid eating avocados because orchards are pollinated through migratory beekeeping that?s cruel to bees? Peta weighs in on recent debate that?s flared online


Is Drinking Wine Good For Our Health After All?

Why not just leave it to the experts to work out while you relax with a nice glass of red?


In Pursuit Of Michelin Stars, Chinese Chefs Are Going Too Far

Xiaolongbao with Iberico pork, steamed scallop with truffle – why are chefs trying to make classic Chinese cuisine hip?


New Restaurants In Hong Kong: Ichu Peru, For Memorable South American Cuisine

The first restaurant opened in Asia by chef Virgilio Martinez of Central in Lima, Peru, 6th on the list of the World?s 50 Best Restaurants, Ichu Peru more than lives up to expectations


The Chef Who Wants To Introduce Vegan Cuisine To Koreans

The chef-owner of Mingles, which just received its second Michelin star and is ranked No 11 on the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, talks about what he learned from Nobu and the Buddhist nun


The Best Shanghai Hairy Crabs, The Secret To Farming Them And The Best Ways To Cook Them

For the crab farmers of Yangcheng Lake in China?s Jiangsu province, it?s the excellent water quality there that makes their crustaceans the best


Afternoon Tea Is A Phoney, Anachronistic Sham. It?s Time To Abolish It

Invented by a Victorian duchess, afternoon tea ? don?t confuse it with high tea ? is a fixture of Hong Kong menus, but it?s just a marketing gimmick whose time is past, Andrew Sun argues

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