Reparations Happy Hour Invites White People To Pay For Drinks

Activists in Portland, Ore., asked white people to donate so people of color could have their own space, with a drink or two paid for.


This Is Not Your Frat House Jägermeister

The company enters the super premium category with Jägermeister Manifest.


Toast The Royal Couple With British Bubbly

If you didn’t get an invite to the Royal Wedding, you can still raise a flute of British sparkling wine.


Picking An Extra Añejo Tequila Takes Extra Care

These newly popular long-aged spirits come with a lot of hype and hefty prices, but some are worth the expense.


China Finds California Wine Pairs Well With A Trade War

Retaliatory tariffs are a blow to exporters increasingly catering to young, newly wealthy Chinese looking for bottles with cachet.


Leslie Jamison’s Memoir Finds Its Footing In Sobriety

“The Recovering” is about romanticizing the “unhinged sparks of luminous chaos” in artists’ lives, and then learning not to do that.


Alexander Mcqueen’s Legacy: The Sarabande Foundation

Artists and artisans, including the men’s wear designer Craig Green, have built their businesses with support from Mr. McQueen’s foundation.


The Coffee-flavored American Dream

In his new book, “The Monk of Mokha,” Dave Eggers describes what happened when an idealistic young American decided to revive Yemen’s 500-year-old coffee trade.


Fairground Attractions At Baselworld

Highlights at the annual fair includes Bulgari’s claimant to the title of world’s thinnest mechanical watch and lots of bejeweled timepieces.


How Tequila Replaced Cosmos As The Celebrity Quaff Of Choice

Connoisseurs discuss its tasting notes and aromas; wellness enthusiasts praise its low sugar; Trump opponents use it to signal support of Mexico.

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