Australian Open Selling Chinese Water

IT might be the Australian Open, but the water on sale at the nation’s premier sporting event is decidedly unpatriotic.


How To Impress Your Bartender This Weekend

THEY’RE the people who can determine whether you have a night to remember or a night to forget. And as Aussies’ tastes in drinks grow more sophisticated, the skills demanded of the person on the o

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Wine In A Can The Summer Tipple

CRACKING open a cold one is no longer the preserve of beer drinkers, with wine now being served from a ring pull instead of a cork or screw cap.


The Worst Drinks To Order At A Bar

IT MAY be New Year’s Eve but whatever you do, don’t try and be festive by ordering a


Where To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

FIREWORKS on the TV, party pies and lukewarm cask wine at Aunty Enid’s not cutting it this year? Try our guide to a great New Year’s Eve party instead.


Wine Prices Could Skyrocket Under New Booze Proposal

WINE lovers and young drinkers would be hardest hit by a government proposal to increase booze prices.


How To Tell If You’re Buying A Decent Bottle Of Rosé

THE temperature’s rising, the sun is burning, which can only mean one thing: It’s Rosé season.


Alcohol Will Be Replaced With Synthetic Alternative

A TOP scientist said synthetic alcohol called alcosynth will replace real alcohol in just 10 or 20 years.


Trick To Being Served First In A Packed Pub

A SIX-DEEP bar queue can be a nightmare to negotiate, with even the most determined drinker forced to wait their turn to get served.


Photos Show How Bad Prosecco Is For You

SHOCKING pictures reveal the devastating effect prosecco can have on your teeth.

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