‘i Tried Buchu To Control My Chronic Utis – And It’s Changed My Life’

Sorry cranberry.


The Science Of Drinking Wine

Here’s our numeric guide to knowing, serving and drinking grown-up grape juice.


Why You Should Skip The Sugary Drink With Your Burger

Tests found that having a sugar-laden soda with a high-protein meal resulted in more fat storage than the same food with a sugar-free beverage.


10 Dangers and Benefits Hiding in Your Cup of Coffee

Caffeine might give you a boost in the morning, but not everything is moonlight and roses when it comes to your cup of coffee.


The Health Benefits Of Rooibos

Research has proven rooibos to help prevent cancer, protect the liver against disease, boost the immune system, relieve allergies and treat digestive disorders.


Inflammation and how buchu can help

Inflammation is the body's natural response when exposed to bacteria or tissue injury. However, if not addressed correctly it could lead to serious health complications.


A short history of SA’s miracle herb: buchu

BuchuLife products are used to cure inflammation, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory. Buchu is cultivated in the Western Cape and is part of the Cape Flora Kingdom.


Why a 20% sugar tax would be devastating for South Africans

A tax on sugar-sweetened beverages by 20% will not only increase food prices, but will also hurt the poor, according to the Democratic Alliance.


Bigger groups of friends down more drinks on a night out

On a night out on the town, bigger groups of friends tend to down more drinks than smaller ones.

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