Peterborough Police Conducting Ride Checks On St. Patrick?s Day Weekend

Peterborough Police roll out RIDE checks on St. Patrick's Day night and the following morning.


Hiring Good Seasonal Employees And Retaining Staff Are Proving Difficult Tasks For The Okanagan Hospitality Industry

Stan Martingale, manager of the Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre in Kelowna, said new employees continuously don’t show up for their first day of work.


Popular St. Patrick?s Day Tradition Has Saskatchewan Roots

Green beer tradition on St. Patrick's Day has Saskatchewan roots.


How B.c.’s Wine Industry Is Keeping Up With Changing Tastes

With the wine industry flourishing, winemakers from around the province are gathering in the Okanagan to make sure they're keeping up with their customers.


Prescribing Alcohol: Why An Alberta Hospital Allows Supervised Drinking

Doctors at an Edmonton hospital are prescribing vodka to patients with severe alcoholism. The goal is to keep them in hospital to finish their medical treatments.


Winnipeg Craft Brewery Serving Up ?fake News?

Created by Winnipeg's Torque Brewing, "Fake News" is a Russian Imperial Stout. The flavour is heavy, and at ten per cent alcohol, it holds at least twice the alcohol of most beers.  


Canadian Winemakers Celebrate Misleading Wine Labeling Change

Decades of concern over "Cellared in Canada" wine labeling have lead to marketing changes for all wine that's not made from 100 per cent Canadian grown grapes.


Tourism Minister Announces Boost For Okanagan?s Wine Industry In Wake Of Wine Dispute

The 2018 BC Tourism Awards wrapped up with a funding announcement to give the province's wine industry a boost on Friday.


Ontario Bus Driver Charged For Allegedly Driving With Open Container Of Liquor

Police say Michael Binseer, a 59-year-old Tiny Township resident, subsequently lost his driving privileges for three days.


La Ronge, Sask. Making Progress On Limiting Alcohol Sales

Progress is being made on limiting alcohol sales in La Ronge but more work needs to be done before the new rules can be applied.

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