Man Flees In 3-wheeled Car, By Bike Then Fights Officers: Kingston Police

A Kingston man was charged with impaired driving and resisting arrest after he fled from Kingston police on Wednesday morning.


Customers, Union Ponder Solutions To Manitoba Liquor Store Thefts

As Winnipeg police announced yet another liquor store theft in the province, both customers and the union representing store employees are searching for solutions.


Obstacles That Shape Us: Turning Childhood Turmoil Into Musical Fuel

Canadian musician Don Amero shares the obstacle that shaped who he is and what he does today.


Search For B.c.’s Best Wine

A dozen judges are looking for B.C.’s best wine. More than 700 wines from approximately 100 wineries are being rated for the inaugural B.C. Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards.


Reality Check: Is Climate Change Coming For Your Beer?

A Belgian brewery is watching its production window get smaller and smaller thanks to climate change, but how much should you worry about global warming's impact on your favourite brew?


‘i Never Thought This Was Going To Happen.’: Craft Beer On Sale At Mosaic Stadium

Beer and Roughrider games go together so well there’s a section at Mosaic Stadium named after Pilsner. Now, there’s a new brew on the block; Craft Beer Corner.


Fleming College Students Brew Tribute To School?s Namesake With New Beer

The brew is created in partnership with Waterloo Brewing Co.


Dalhousie Student Union?s Orientation Week Focusing On Alcohol-free Fun

Several students told Global News that the school appears to be emphasizing safety and acting appropriately as big priorities for students.

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?too Close For Comfort?: Inuit Housing Centre Worried About New Bar

A bar opening near an Inuit housing centre has administrators concerned. Ullivik provides housing to Inuit from Quebec's North while they receive medical treatment. They fear the bar is specifically t


Feds And Province Offer $1m In Funding To Nova Scotia Wine Industry

The announcement was made Tuesday on behalf of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).

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