Fun Champagne Facts

The Avenue de Champagne is one of the most expensive streets in the entire world because of the millions of bottles of Champagne stored in the cellars beneath it. Over 250 kilometres (155 miles) of Ch


5 Drinks That Will Keep Your Mind Sharp

Everyone always wants to know the kind of foods that can make the mind sharp because the mind is the most important tool in the body. It is usually the driving forces that help you to identify opportu


How To Sip Champagne In Style With 4 Of The Best Dinner Party Games

What?s an evening of entertaining without a bottle or two of champers to enjoy alongside your culinary delights? It?s a question with only one answer: ?nothing?. Yet good food and drink alone do not a


2018 An Exceptional Vintage For Champagne

Unlike harvest 2017 when I saw in Champagne the grapes so much affected by botrytis that I could never imagine, this autumn Instagram is flooded with captivating pictures of beautiful grapes of the ha

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Cava Spain’s Effervescent Treasure A Review Of Cava & Other Sparkling Wines

Several years of investigation, visits to more than ninety sparkling wine producers, meetings with authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Catalan Institute of Vines and Wines, the Regulato


4 Signs Of A Good Bottle Of Champagne

A bottle of Champagne is supposed to be more than just a round of drinks you order at the bar because it’s less about how drunk you get and more about what that bottle represents. Of course, it’s about the taste as well and that is precisely why we are going to go through the four tell-tale signs of a good Champagne bottle so that you don’t end up wasting your money on the cheap stuff.


The World’s Finest Glass Of Bubbly Awards 2018

I must say that I am very pleased that I do not take part in the judging days for The World?s Finest Glass of Bubbly Awards. Now I mean this not in the way that I would not enjoy it, I am very envious


Finding The Best Prosecco & Wine Bars In Galway, Ireland

The city of Galway is bustling and vibrant, offering a myriad of opportunities for fun and relaxation amidst all the exciting things to do. From trendy shops to historical landmarks, there?s something


Prosecco Doc Harvest 2018

As we draw closer to the final wine harvests of the year, the Tutelary Consortium for Prosecco DOC is anticipating one of the best productions for the Italian sparkling wine after near to perfect cond


Le Marche, Central Italy Great Sparkling Wines, Chiselled From The Heart. Part 3 Of 3

The white grape harvest, or ?vendemmia? as it is known in Italy, is well under way. Cellars are scrubbed and hosed down. Stainless steel tanks, which are used to store the must, are spotlessly cleaned

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