The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Is A Treat For The Eyes, Nose, And Most Importantly, The Taste Buds

Todd Piro samples the Bourbon Trail's best offerings in the last edition of the Fox and Friends All-American Summer Road Trip.


Gordon Ramsay Sued Over ‘kitchen Nightmares’ Episode; Restaurant Says Show Fabricated Gross Scenes

The owners of a New Orleans restaurant featured on Gordon Ramsay?s ?Kitchen Nightmares? say the 2011 episode is still leaving a bad taste in their mouths.

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Robert Davi Reflects On Frank Sinatra Giving Him His ‘first Jack Daniels’

Actor Robert Davi claimed that Frank Sinatra once gave him a choice ? sit down for his first drink with him or be ?fired? from a movie set, according to a report Friday.


Havana Cafe Cocktail


Barback Claims Exploding Corona Bottle Left Him Partially Blind, Lawsuit Says

Gonzalo Luis-Morales, 31, says a bottle of Corona Extra spontaneously exploded, projecting a piece of glass into his left eye.


World Cup Contender Iceland Emerges As 2018’s Cinderella Story: What To Know About The Team

Iceland defeated Kosovo in October 2017 in the European Championship to solidify its spot in the 2018 World Cup, becoming the smallest team to do so.


Snoop Dogg Sets Guinness World Record For Largest Gin And Juice Cocktail

Snoop Dogg now has a Guinness World Record for a cocktail under his belt. The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” hitmaker and rapper Warren G were among those who set a record for “the largest paradis


Jack Daniel?s Claims Competitor?s Look-alike Whiskey Bottle ?dilutes? Its Brand

Jack Daniels has filed a lawsuit against Texas based companies, Dynasty Sprits and Gulf Coast Distillers.


Restaurant launches vodka-infused pizza

Ordering a cocktail at a bar and then having to go to a pizzeria to get your pie fix sounds exhausting. One Philadelphia restaurant has figured out a way to streamline the tiresome process by combining the two.


Think Twice Before Ordering Coffee or Tea on a Airplane, Warns Flight Attendant

You may want to load up on java before boarding your plane, according to one industry insider.

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