The Amazing Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Green, black, brown and now, red! No, these aren’t just some colours on the palette of your paint box.


The Health Benefits of Tonic Water

Tonic water reached us Indians in a most circuitous fashion. The possible story of its origin is rather fascinating, and twined through with the Incas, Spanish colonists, British colonial rule, and malaria. Yes, malaria. Well, let us begin at the beginning.


5 Juices for Quick Weight Loss

Juicing for weight loss is not a new concept.


How to Brew a Perfect and Flavourful Cup of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages around the world.


Beetroot Juice Is The Ultimate Post and Pre-Workout Drink

Come winter and the pantry gets loaded with a colourful display of myriad seasonal produce. Radiant carrots, ruby red beets, fresh leafy greens, crunchy radishes et al.


Brandy: All About the Cousin of Wine and the 4 Types – NDTV Food

The term brandy can be traced back to a Dutch term for burned wine and is distilled from wine. Here's a beginner's guide to the different types of brandy.

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