The Most Influential Wine Writers

In gathering responses for the 2018 American Wine Writer Survey, the question of writers' most important influences was of great interest to me. I have my


How Wine Writers See The World—in Graph And Chart

I love wine writers. I have since I first started to get to know them when I began working with them as a publicist back in the day. I didn't know what to


Freedom And Egalitarianism In American Wine

The San Francisco Chronicle's excellent young wine editor, Esther Mobley, engages in some really interesting speculation this week. In response to


The Ugly Truth About Wine Retailers

Among the rarest of things is finding a person in business or politics who is willing to publicly tell the truth, even if it reveals something ugly about

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On 14 Years Writing And The Art Of Being A Wine Blogging Bomber

When I was 14 years old (1977), I was enduring my last year of junior high school at Sinaloa Jr. High in Novato, California. I remember a few things about


Top 10 Reasons Wine Lovers Can Be Thankful

1. The selection of wines available in the United States today is more diverse and interesting than any other time in history. 2. Wine by the glass is


Canada And The Future Impact Of Cannabis On Wine Sales

The ways in which Canada and Canadians are different from Americans are many. But it's also true that Canadians and Americans are very similar people.


Wine, Facebook And The Threat Of Flesh Eating Zombies

So, I draw a different conclusion. A new study appears to shows that young adults aged 21 to 24 increase their desire to drink after seeing Facebook ads


Fear Not, Wine Criticism Lives

The Wine Curmudgeon (Jeff Siegel) is celebrating his 11th anniversary penning his blog and reviewing affordable wines. I've been reading for all 11 years


Wine Consumers Must Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

In late 2004, just prior to the coming Dec 7th oral arguments in the groundbreaking Granholm v Heald Supreme Court case, a number of groups and parties

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