Wine Retailers Are Out Numbered At The Table

Every state in America has some sort of Commission, Agency, Department or Board that oversees the state's alcohol production, distribution and sales.


The True Significance Of Robert Parker, Jr.

The fact that one has a vested interested in an issue in no way diminishes the power of their argument concerning that issue. I wanted to get that fact


Leaving Wine Country And The High Cost Of Success about being a victim of success: "Forty-six percent of Bay Area residents surveyed said they are likely to move out of the region in the next few years — up from 40 percent last year and


An Environmentalist Explains Why Measure C Is Bad For Napa Valley

I don't usually publish articles by others here at Fermentation. However, given the election tomorrow and given the importance of explaining exactly why Measure C needs to be defeated and given the au


The Underpriced Wines Of Napa Valley

Many in the wine industry believe that Napa Valley's price/quality ratio is out of whack; that Napa Valley wines are overpriced. It is possible that these folks are all wrong? Or at least partially wr


Myth Busting—napa Wine Is All About Small, Not Corporate

Let's get to the heart of the biggest lie told about Napa Valley and its wine industry: It is controlled and made up of a collection of corporate owned and multi-national conglomerates. This is the bi


Great Event To Explore How Wine Plans To Help Weed Take Its Marketshare

The Second Annual Weed and Wine Symposium is only two months away. If it is anything like the inaugural event, it should be fascinating. The tagline for the coming Symposium is: "Exploring the Opportu


Martians Among Us, Napa Valley’s Measure C And Sharp Objects

I'll be voting NO on Measure C here in Napa County. I'll be voting NO on Measure C for the same reason I will not endorse the creation of a bureaucracy to round-up and imprison Martians who abduct hum

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The Slow Adoption Of Technology In Wine Is Political

A great amount of words and have been composed trying to explain why the wine industry has a seeming aversion to implementing new digital technologies. Notables of great talent and energy have worked


This Daily Source For Wine Biz Info Is A Must Read

The trade publication is and always has been a vital tool for the wine and alcohol industries. They have been with us since there was an alcohol industry in the United States. The most venerable of th

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