At This Tiny Basement Bar In Mount Vernon, Music And Mood Are The Focus

In the basement of a Nepalese restaurant in Baltimore, Mount Vernon's Diskobar places an emphasis on music and mood while serving interesting cocktails.


Bill Seeks To Limit Beers Served By Maryland’s Small Breweries

A House of Delegates bill calls for limiting the amount of beer Maryland's small breweries can serve on their premises while allowing large breweries, such as the one being built in Baltimore County b


Budweiser Clydesdales To Be In Military Bowl Parade

Budweiser Clydesdales will headline the Military Bowl parade in Annapolis prior to the 10th anniversary Military Bowl on Dec. 28


Dining Out: Trendy Treats At Severna Park’s Vida Taco Bar

Severna Park’s Vida Taco Bar is a “Farm to Taco” location serving authentic, good quality foods


Guinness Temporary Taproom To Open In Relay Next Month

Guinness plans to start pouring beers at its new brewery in Relay next month, even as construction continues on its full Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House.


Guinness Names Brewmaster For Baltimore County Brewery

The planned Guinness brewery in Baltimore County will be led by brewmaster Peter Wiens, the company announced Tuesday.


Md. Beer Bill Gets Skunked

Maryland needs to encourage its local brewers and do what's necessary to foster the Guinness project in Relay, not rewrite the rules for breweries.


Rodricks: Stop The Nonsense, And Get Me A Guinness

Nobody asked me, but ... all that rigmarole in Annapolis about the proposed Guinness brewery in Baltimore County has given me a hangover.


Pucker Up: Sour Beers On The Rise In Maryland And Beyond

Craft brewing is in a sour state of mind in Baltimore, Maryland and across the United States.


Wine Find: 2012 Folie A Deux Pinot Noir

Wine Find: 2012 Folie a Deux Pinot Noir

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