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Songs to play when drinking these Chenin Blancs from South Africa

A growing body of scientific evidence points to the fact that what people taste when drinking a wine can be influenced by the music that happens to be playing at the time.


3 Good reasons to drink beer

THINK of all the reasons to enjoy a beer. There’s the obvious: after a hard days work, it tastes like the liquid equivalent of a high-five….so true!

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Whisky Sales Have Dropped By A Million Bottles In Half A Year

We don’t know whether to blame the gin hype, the new focus on sobriety, or horrible shot experiences in university putting us off whisky for life, but here’s the deal: Whisky sales in the UK have fallen by one million bottles in the past six months. And that, frankly, is unacceptable.


Veritas Victory for Perdeberg Cellars

At this year’s Veritas awards, Perdeberg Cellars once again triumphed, walking away with 9 awards.


Creation Chenin: Coolness Personified

No doubt about it: Chenin has become chic! Yes, that old stalwart that’s been around since the first vineyards were planted in South Africa, has at last achieved its rightful place as a noble cultivar and is today among the top of the pops.


12 Things You Need To Know Before Drinking A G&t

Remember point 6 before you pour your next one


El Museo Del Barrio Adds Six New Board Members

El Museo del Barrio in New York announced today that it has appointed six new members to its board of trustees: CEO of Jose Cuervo Juan Domingo Beckmann; entrepreneur


15 Striking Pictures Of Railways In Africa

Between the gorgeous backdrops of the African plains and deserts and the continent?s socio-economic challenges, Africa?s railways make for some striking pictures.


Where To Celebrate #pinotageday 2017 In South Africa

Wine lovers all over the world have embraced the celebration of South Africa's national wine and this year's Pinotage Day, on the 14 October, promises to have a much wider international presence.


Brandy Chases Whisky In South African Spirit Wars

The trend, fuelled by a stagnant economy that is strangling spending, has led to the first increase in brandy sales for more than a decade, and falling sales of pricier whisky.


This Year’s Biggest Food Trends Do Not Taste Like Dirt

Another publisher is in hot water for food-shaming 'trendy' ingredients from other cultures


Guinness To Release 200th Anniversary Export Stout

Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout is the latest beer created by the Open Gate Brewery – the pilot brewery located at St. James’s Gate in Dublin – where Guinness brewers experiment with new


Out To Launch: Jillian Michaels Pitches Sodastream

SodaStream and its agency Blue Water are teaming with fitness guru Jillian Michaels for an informercial to tout the beverage maker's "hydration benefits."


Where To Celebrate #pinotageday 2017 In South Africa

Wine lovers all over the world have embraced the celebration of South Africa's national wine and this year's Pinotage Day, on the 14 October, promises to have a much wider international presence.


Spotlight On Signature Cocktails: Bar Lab’s “for Her” Aperol Spritz

For October, get major wedding cocktail inspo from the mixologists behind Bar Lab.


We Asked 9 Bartenders Essential Liquors For Cocktails

Bartenders share the most essential spirits for cocktails, from craft gin to amaro to liqueurs. A full bar might not be truly complete without them.


Ugu Surfriders Show Spirit At Sa Champs

It was an exciting time for the young surfers.


What’s Your Poison, Constellation Brands?

The $40 billion winemaker is on a takeover spree for premium, craft beers and Sam Adams could fit the bill.


Wags La Ditch Bobby Van Jaarsveld For Brendan Peyper In ‘hot Or Not’

The beautiful ladies from 'WAGS LA' joined Martin Bester for a round of 'Hot or Not' and the results might just surprise you.


Forty Creek Redesigns Packaging

Forty Creek is debuting its first-ever packaging refresh this fall.


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