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Celebrate Global Champagne Day with Taittinger

Global Champagne Day is an internationally recognised day whereby Champagne enthusiasts the world over celebrate their love of Champagne.


The Houses at this Eco Village are made from Whisky Vats

Much like the liquor that once swilled around inside their wooden casks, the barrel houses at Findhorn ecovillage have matured nicely in their surroundings.

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How to Pick the Perfect Wine for a Big Party

At this point, it seems like a problem if you don’t eat the most exceptional hot dog at whatever music festival you landed at over the weekend.


What Kind of Drunk Are You, According to Science?

We all have that friend who gets belligerent when wasted, screaming at a trash can that it doesn’t understand the finer points of modern architecture or Al Pacino’s acting. Or the one friend who gets so giggly that even the lamest joke sends her into fits.


De Krans brings home four gold medals

De Krans Wine Cellar, situated in Calitzdorp, has excelled in bringing home no less than four gold medals at two of South Africa’s most prestigious wine competitions.


Wine and Flower Pairing is a Beautiful Affair

Some months ago Creation’s pairing guru, Carolyn Martin, ran a fascinating series on herb and wine pairing which once again proved how the elegance and finesse of Creation’s cool climate wines can enhance the taste of fresh herbs and vice versa.


Van Ryn’s Brandy Rated As Best In World, Again

The House of Van Ryn?s is celebrating its second consecutive year of victory after yet again taking home the Worldwide Brandy Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London


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