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Study confirms that beer is healthier for you than milk

Following news that the University of Wisconsin–Madison has been ranked the nation’s top party school, PETA is negotiating with outdoor advertisers to display an ad on bus stops near the campus noting that a side-by-side comparison shows that beer, not milk, protects bone and heart health.


Beat bad breath with a cup of Green Tea

Green tea may well be a treat for your taste buds.

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The Franschhoek Cellar offers a beautiful location for the perfect wedding day

Situated at the entrance to the quaint Franschhoek village, the Western Cape’s ‘mini France’, The Franschhoek Cellar offers a variety of venues to host a wedding.


How long does alcohol really last after it’s been opened?

hose “Best by,” “Use by” and “Sell before” dates stamped on the food we buy can be a source of continued confusion for consumers.


Cheesy Eggs Benedict Breakfast Enchiladas

Cheesy Eggs Benedict Breakfast Enchiladas are a fun twist on brunch that will satisfy a crowd!


Stellenbosch Winery makes history in Tim Atkin’s annual report

Family-owned winery Boschkloof Wines made history when they became the first South African red wine producer to ever score 98 points in award-winning wine writer and British Wine Master Tim Atkin’s annual report on South African wines. The eagerly anticipated report is due for publication this week.


Long awaited single-site Creation Syrah 2015 is ready for release

At last Creation’s long awaited single-site Syrah (2015) is ready for release. Here’s what Jean-Claude (Creation’s viticulturist and cellarmaster) has to say:


What Is a Coffee Cabinet?

No, it?s not a piece of furniture


11 Things You Should Never Talk About Over Drinks

You've got your case of business cards, a drink name you can order with confidence at the bar (even if you're not entirely sure what it is), a stain-remover pen (just in case), and all the mints your


Smelling Lots Of Wine Makes Your Brain Alzheimer’s Resistant

A new study found that sommeliers have thicker brains in areas that are vulnerable to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.


The High-Pressure Life Of A Famous Winemaker And His Wine

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9 Ways To Avoid Being A Cocktail Snob

It's a hard line to tread, given the basic intimidation factor. But we're at a phase where cocktail love, and cocktail snobbery, don't have to intersect.


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