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Are Mobile Cocktail Bars the Next Food Trucks?

In restaurant-saturated landscapes of America’s (always hungry) urban centers, it’s downright impossible these days to stroll more than a few stomach-rumbling blocks without bumping into a food truck.


The Queen drinks gin straight before lunch

She has been Queen for 63 years and is set to become the longest reigning British monarch.

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Nitrogen-Infused Coffee the New Coffee Craze

Nitrogen has many uses, including preventing the oxidation of beer, wine, juice and other beverages and freezing and cooling food. It can even be added to beverages like beer or coffee in place of carbon dioxide, which is exactly what coffee-drinkers are doing today, according to Eater.


Why Does Tequila Seem to Make You More Hungover Than Other Booze?

Do you love margaritas, but despise the hangover they give you? Are you hesitant to take a shot of tequila because you know the next day won’t be pretty? If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that a hangover caused by drinking tequila is the absolute worst.


Samsung`s new Sleep Tracker can switch on your coffee machine

Samsung’s next generation of connected appliances has hit shelves in the United States as part of the tech giant’s push into ‘smart homes.’


Anyone for chicken ale?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a beer mat, you may have noticed that the world’s third favourite drink, beer, is going through a transformative period. Tap rooms are replacing the traditional boozer and rather than having a pump with three almost identical lagers on tap many establishments are offering more and more bewildering arrays of beer.


Traditional beer companies are copying craft brewers, but the wine industry isn`t interested

Imagine this scenario:

You’re sitting at the dark mahogany counter of a craft brewpub. Exposed bulbs are dangling from a thatched roof, aluminum pipes snaking across brick walls to red copper conditioning tanks.


Mumford and Sons get festival ready with tequila and a hug

As pre-stage rituals go, there’s a simple charm to what Mumford & Sons do.


Bottled water on track to outsell soda by 2017