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Should You Judge A Wine By Its Label?

Choosing a book by its cover — judging by outward appearance or “prettiness” — is simply what we do. But does it always make sense?


Feds worry about undersea wine

It seemed like a worthwhile experiment to a small winery: Submerge bottles of wine in sea water to see how they age.


South African wineries target Chinese market’s growing taste for wine

Pieter Terblanche glances at the latest order from his Shanghai sales team: wine labels featuring an exotic menagerie of tigers and other wild animals from an imaginary Africa.


The wines we drink: Jordan Inspector Péringuey Chenin Blanc 2014

Jordan Wine Estate produces more than a few excellent wines and their Nine Yards Chardonnay is a firm favourite at Casa Batonage.

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Fleur du Cap Harvest 2015 – Quest for Regional Excellence pays off

The 2015 harvest has been hailed an excellent vintage and the earliest ever recorded by the current Fleur du Cap winemaking team at Die Bergkelder who search the length and breadth of the Western Cape to find the best grapes to craft their wines.


Researcher assesses white rot problems in SA vineyards

While Europe only has to cope with one wood rot fungus causing the white rot symptom of the vine disease esca, at least ten species are found in South African vineyards.



Fully ripe and generous red wines are the key to unlocking the burgeoning US market where South African sales are failing to match those of their rivals, says Rob Bradshaw, President of New York wine


Rhodes for the Waterfront?

Right thinking folk will be hoping that Max Price, Vice Chancellor of UCT, will relocate the statue of Cecil John Rhodes to the Graduate School of Business at the Waterfront. For that is one instituti


RECM Best Value Chardonnay

No surprise to report that the top scoring Chardonnay at our weekly RECM Best Value blind tasting this morning hails from Stellenbosch with Villiersdrop and Robertson hot on the heels of magician Tert


Tyger, tyger, burning bright in the Swartland

You can't make this stuff up. The Toronto Globe and Mail on Swartland Winery's big push to Shanghai: "Pieter Terblanche glances at the latest order from his Shanghai sales team: wine labels featuring


Franschhoek Wine Valley’s excellent service rewarded

The Franschhoek Wine Valley has won the Service Excellence Award at the Cape Winelands District Municipality Mayoral Tourism Awards. lees meer [Category: Nuus/News] [Link to media]


Sijnn Off-Centre 2012: An intriguing blend from David Trafford

Great wines come from marginal terroirs and rugged sites and the unique stony and poor soils of Malgas offer just such a milieu. It is here that David Trafford and his team are producing the Sijnn wi


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