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SA Brandy Classification

Johann Rupert, recently crowned by Forbes as the richest South African, made a splash last month when he launched his Cape Vintner Classification at the Wine Gallery of banksta Paul Harris at Ellerma


My wishes for 2014

How exciting it is to stand at the beginning of a new year – 365 days of opportunity lying ahead of us. And it is up to us to make every day count. Of course there will be difficult times and chall

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Good Value Brandy

Last year Classic Wine magazine conducted a blind tasting of 46 brandies, both blends and potstills. Brandies were scored between 12.7 and 19 points out of 20 by a panel of 5 tasters. Of course, the e


Pure Gould: Drinks Marketing

There’s been a shift in the way drinks are marketed. Patience Gould looks at the new worthy contenders