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Wine Sippy Cups for Vino2Go

This is Vino2Go, a sippy cup for wine. The revolutionary (jk jk) product is sold by The Product Farm for just $16 a pop. The inside is even shaped just like a wine glass! Vino2Go: The classy way to get sloshed without making a mess. Because nothing says classy like a sippy cup. Needless to say I’m sold — I just bought ten! Annnnnnnd my card was declined. Surpriiiise, surprise. Well, that was a bust. Guess I’m back to guzzling boxed wine straight from the spout. The second classiest way to get sloshed without making a mess, you might call it.



Chris Brown appointed as a Vodka Ambassador

R&B star Chris Brown, who was charged this week for a hit and run incident, has been announced as the creative director for premium vodka brand Zing.


Lionel Richie seduces beer drinkers in new Tap King commercial

Lionel Richie can see it in your eyes and see it in your smile.


Winner of the Ultra Liquors and Namaqua Wines ”Win a Car” Competition announched

After a 3 month competition period, Ultra Liquors and Namaqua Wines are delighted to announce the winner of the ”Swipe. Win. Drive!” competition!


Packaging Spotlight: Remix Wines

The label design for Remix packaging is inspired by an entry ticket to a concert or music festival.


Creation and the New Generation

Since our establishment in 2002 Creation has been hosting an ever-increasing number of visitors – no less than 27 000 over the past year.


Everybody loves Modern Family!

The 7th box in the Place in the Sun ”Share the happiness” competition has been revealed!


Karoo Brew gets new brewers

It was Route 62’s first microbrewery, but we haven’t heard much about Karoo Brew of late. The small brewing setup in Montagu has changed hands ...The post Karoo Brew gets new brewers appeared firs


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