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Sparkling Wine Gets You Drunk Faster Than a Shot

Downing a classy glass of bubbly could actually be more reckless than just taking a shot, according to science.


How to make a perfect Whiskey sour

Popular in its heyday right alongside the Manhattan and old-fashioned is the whiskey sour.


French Onion Meatball Casserole

This low carb French Meatball and Onion Casserole is easy to make and the perfect dish for a chilly autumn evening. 


The Backstreet Boys Are Back …. With a Tequila Project

Backstreet’s back, all right!


An Irishman Abroad?s Favourite Hong Kong Restaurants, From Ciak ? In The Kitchen To Congress Plus

Ian Carroll is the owner and founder of The Candle Company and its new beeswax candle brand, Carroll&Chan. He tells us his go-to places for breakfast, lunch and dinner


Recipe For Breakfast Focaccia That Is Delicious Throughout The Day

Easy to make, the bread can be tailored to any taste with a variety of different toppings


Five Hong Kong Restaurants Serving High-end Vegetarian Dishes

These outlets offer the growing ranks of vegetarians, vegans and everything in-between delicious, quirky and sustainable plant-based menus. Seasonal, locally sourced ingredients are prepared with love


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