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Why Do We Get Headaches When We Haven’t Had Coffee?

Caffeine is our favourite drug, but if we miss out on our fix, it can be a real headache – in more ways than one.


The Walking Dead Star Goes Full Pirate In Kraken Commercial

The Walking Dead star Tom Payne booked a new gig as the face of Kraken Rum’s new commercials.


Braumeister Brewing Opening Soon In Carleton Place, Ontario

CARLETON PLACE, ON - A new brewery and taproom inspired by the brewing traditions of Bavaria will be opening soon in Carleton Place, a small town west of Ottawa. Braumeister Brewing has been founde


Boxing Rock Brewing Opens Pilot Brewery & Bottle Shop At Local Source Market In Halifax

HALIFAX, NS - Boxing Rock Brewing has announced a new partnership with Local Source Market in Halifax that includes the launch of a new pilot brewery and bottle shop. The Boxing Rock "Test Kitchen"


Egyptian Blend Of Spice And Nuts Delightfully Different With Each Bite

Claire Tansey shares recipe for Dukkah, a blend of toasted nuts and whole spices that’s gaining popularity


Try This Citrusy Summer Twist On A Shandy


Why Are Public Canneries Disappearing?

The vast majority of community canneries, starved by budget cuts and rendered irrelevant by Americans’ love affair with convenience foods, have disappeared


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