Tedious debates continued…

Neil Pendock August 11, 2008 0

Over on Grape, that “fiercely independent… project” run by three Platter-paid pundits, dissent has embarrassingly broken out once again as to the merits (or not) of a high profile wine. The latest recycled Weekender column of Michael Fridjhon lifted from the Business Day website, “enjoins” readers to “safely pursue the Constantia Glen Sauvignon Blanc 2005” at this year’s Nederburg Auction. Which should be an easy catch as fellow Platter palate Angela Lloyd noted the wine has “seen better days” in an altogether less upbeat report on the auction entitled “South Africa’s finest? Let’s hope not…”

Angela’s aside confirms Mike’s observation on just how “tedious” the debate about wine judging has become. “Tedious” is one word, “laugh a minute”, three, as perhaps Angela found the wine tired when tasted with Lasagna, her customary food match for Constantia Valley wines I hear. The Constantia Glen conundrum confirms just how difficult it is to compile a consistent wine guide when tasters can’t even get the story straight at a sighted tasting. Perhaps seeding players is the answer.

PS. So nice to see elsewhere on Grape that Dr. James hasn’t needed to sell either the school of Marino Marini equestrian tat (or indeed “beloved dog Matu”) to pay for all that recent dental work. My sources tell me it was the William Kentridges that went to pay for his gleaming new gnashers.

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