Cinnamon Layered Scones with Espresso Glaze

Scones always sound a little indulgent—they’re traditionally flaky, butter-filled pastries eaten for afternoon tea. Not so with these espresso scones.


Coffee is the Most Influential Drink in World History

Since coffee is the drink that has had the greatest impact on the human history, we present you some facts that point out the influence of coffee on our daily life dating back hundreds of years.


Coffee won’t help you sober up after boozing

It’s nice to have a coffee after a meal out, especially if you’ve had a few glasses of wine. But although it may feel like the caffeine perks you up, it might not have any impact on how sober you are.


Instant coffee is the better choice for your carbon footprint

Drinking coffee makes many of us feel good, so it makes sense that we would want to feel good about how it is produced.


Your morning coffee could be causing your lower back pain

Back pain is a common condition that affects most people at some point in their lifetime, according to the NHS.


Broccoli coffee is the latest coffee trend that could lead to better health

For some, the standard frothy cappuccino will never suffice as an adequate caffeinated drink of choice.

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Massive Volcano Erupts In Guatemala’s Coffee Fields

Yesterday, Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala erupted, killing at least 25 people and injuring 20 others, according to CNN. Sitting just outside Antigua, the latest eruption by Volcán de Fuego has led to more than 3,100 people being evacuated and is expected to affect 1.7 million people in total—including many thousands of coffee growers.


In Istanbul, Drinking Coffee in Public Was Once Punishable by Death

IN 1633, THE OTTOMAN SULTAN Murad IV cracked down on a practice he believed was provoking social decay and disunity in his capital of Istanbul.


Why you should be drinking coffee cocktails

Coffee cocktails aren’t new. Splashes of whiskey have been turning after-dinner coffees Irish for years — but a perfect storm’s been brewing and just brought this stone-cold drink trend to new heights.


This is how long your morning coffee high really lasts

Are you someone that simply cannot function until you’ve had a morning coffee?