A window dresser for Barneys in New York, Simon Doonan, wrote last year’s surprise best seller entitled Gay Men Don’t Get Fat.  Si divides food by sexual preference: straight and gay.  Sushi is gay because it’s “swishy” while “Mexican food is unbelievably macho.  As delicious as a burrito is, it is basically just a cross between a turd and a penis.”  Now what do you say to that, Nic Haarhoff at El Burro? So what do you drink with gay food?

Clearly the new mescal from Rui Estevez is indicated for burritos and Rosé just has to be gay food friendly if on colour considerations alone – Simon’s shockingly pink book cover is a hint.  But which Rosé?  Our advice:

Tasting Notes

Top Ten Terroir Rosés

1.) Allesverloren, 2012, Swartland

Toasty leesy character with super spice.

2.) Arabella Pink Panacea, 2012, Robertson

Dusty greenpepper, fresh cherries and veggies, firm and vibrant palate.

3.) Beaumont Raoul’s, 2012, Bot River

Floral nose leading to Strawberries and cream.

4.) Delheim Rosé, 2012, Stellenbosch

Cherries and plums, green banana with a touch of lime.

5.) Gabrielskloof Rosebud, 2012, Bot River

Floral spicy nose and those sweet strawberry pastries.

6.) Holden Manz, 2012, Franschhoek

Provence-style: rich strawberries, fine berries.

7.) Mellasat, 2012, Paarl

Onion skin colour, tangy mulberries, peach skin and toast.

8.) Overhex Balance, 2012, Worcester

Creamy strawberries, candied fruit and citrus zest.

9.) Pulpit Rock, 2012, Swartland

Partridge eye and totally charming, tangy palate.

10.) Riebeek Cellars, 2012, Swartland

Pale onion skin from the Swartland.  Fresh raspberry creams with a grassy tang.