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Tim James: Fifty Shades Of Pink – On Wine Colour

Many years back, when I was receiving instruction from the Cape Wine Academy about how to taste wine (and, by the prevailing logic, therefore how to score it),


Vondeling Rurale Blanc De Noir 2015

Pétillant-naturel – abbreviated to "pét-nat" among hipsters and involving the méthode ancestrale of production, i.e. stopping an unfinished fermentation and then bottling the wine before allowing


Lock, Stock And Wine Barrel: Chardonnay & Pinot Noir Festival

The festival takes place at the Killarney Country Club Crystal Room on May 10.


No 10. Bar & Restaurant: Excellent Service, Excellent Food, Excellent Wine

When it comes to food we perhaps all consider ourselves experts, indeed customers have never been more demanding in their expectations and rightly so. We want to know what?s really sitting on our dinn

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