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Sodastream Talks Pepsico Deal And Eliminating Plastic Packaging In 2019

In August PepsiCo announced it will acquire SodaStream, and since then SodaStream has continued to grow. And while the acquisition may make a 'strong statement' about plastic reduction, SodaStream say


Sodastream Is Thirsting For A New U.s. Creative Agency

SodaStream, the maker of home soda-making machines, is thirsty for a creative agency in the U.S.


Sodastream Offers Halloween ‘costume’ For Their Flagship Appliance

SodaStream gave their flagship appliance a halloween costume—a sort of Halloween prank from the millennial-focused company. What?s more interesting is what the appliance is dressing up as: a Nespres


Perrier, Sodastream Promote Alternative Halloween Costume Ideas

The sparkling water maker introduced a Snapchat lens inspired by a bizarre Kanye West performance, while SodaStream plays a social media prank on Nespresso​.


Sodastream Cleans Up Floating Trash Off Honduras Coast

Junk cleaned from the water will be turned into an art installation dedicated to “reducing consumption of single use plastic in all forms, including plastic cups, straws, bags and bottles.”


Sodastream Cleans Up Massive Trash Collection Off The Coast Of Honduras

JNS.org ? Israeli startup superstar and home-based soda-device-maker SodaStream announced on Monday that it has sent a delegation to the coast...


Sodastream Launches Device To Clean Plastics From Ocean

This is the first-known attempt of a commercial company to undertake a physical clean-up of trash from open waters.


Sodastream: An Arbitrage Play To Keep In Mind

SodaStream is being taken over by PepsiCo for $144 per share and the deal is expected to finalize in January. If the spread doesn’t narrow significantly for the


Sodastream Ramps Up Bid To Clean The World’s Dirtiest Beaches

Swathes of washed up plastic litter a paradise Caribbean island from designer flip flops, sun lotion and children's toys to cheap combs, toothbrushes, pens - items bought every day on the High Street.


Sodastream Ramps Up Efforts To Fight Plastic Ocean Waste

The company’s "Holy Turtle" cleans plastic pollution from ocean waters without harming marine life

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