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Man Makes Epic Video Cover Letter In Attempt To Land Job With Sprite

Man Makes Epic Video Resume in Attempt to Land Job With Sprite and if they do not hire him, WE WILL BECAUSE HE IS MAJESTIC AS A UNICORN!


Sprite Departs Southwest Flights

Southwest has pulled Sprite and Sprite Zero from its drink lineup, replacing them with 7 Up and lemon lime sparkling water.


Kamaiyah Talks Sprite ‘big Taste Cuts Through’ Commercial With Lebron James, Bringing Creativity Back To Hip-hop

Kamaiyah talks with Billboard about starring alongside LeBron James in Sprite's "Big Taste" commercial and bringing creativity back to hip-hop.


Lebron Changes Sports And Hits The Pitcher?s Mound In W+k?s Latest Sprite Spot

"If you were looking for a thing about LeBron James, that must have been something else."


Sprite: Big Taste

Hip Hop Artist Kamaiyah Plays His Catcher


Diet Drinks Also Losing Weight As Coke Shrinks Bottles

Coca-Cola has reduced its fizzy drinks can and bottle sizes? saying it is about helping consumers reduce sugar? but it has also reduced the size of Coke Zero and Sprite Zero? Coke Light cans and bottl


Coca-cola Beats Estimates On Higher Us Sales Of Sprite, Non-soda Drinks

Revenue is down 14.6% to $9.08 billion.


Red Sprite Lightning Storm Appears In The Sky Over Oklahoma

Red sprites are rarely seen, yet one lucky videographer managed to catch the display six times during a storm earlier this month over Edmond, Oklahoma.


New Images Of The Nike Air Vapormax Sprite ? Kicksonfire.com

Here are new images of the Nike Air VaporMax Sprite that is still awaiting a release date.


Ai Told Coca-cola To Make Cherry Sprite. So It Did

Coca-Cola's AI investment is turning into new products.

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