Portugal misses an open goal

Neil Pendock June 12, 2014 0

Mondial(e) is a French adjective meaning “world” so when a Waterfront restaurant called Mondiall decides to run a World Cup special, it makes sense. After all chef Peter Templehoff can’t spell words with “L” in them as his wine brand Marvelous with Adam Mason confirms. We went Mexican yesterday with a delicious tuna taco and when it comes to burgers, wagyu takes a salaryman to Tokyo.


The promotion pairs national dishes with national drinks but Portugal miss an open goal as the peri-peri chicken is matched with… Sangria.


May I suggest either the De Krans Touriga Naçional 2010 or De Krans Tinta Barocca 2012? Both wines cost around R50 a bottle and can handle a peri-peri fire with ease.

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