Over 50 RECM best value Shiraz (and some Syrah) being tasted

Neil Pendock May 14, 2014 0

This week’s RECM best value category is Shiraz and our intrepid panel of judges (below) are now blind tasting their way through over 50 Shirazes and some Syrahs, looking for value.


Panel chair Winnie Bowman was elected chair of the Institute of Cape Wine Masters earlier this month and although renegade CWM Tim James blogs the body to be supremely irrelevant to SA wine, as long as wine lovers like Winnie embrace blind tasting as a vehicle for fingering value wines, we would rather say that Tim and his sighted modus operandi (he is an assistant associate editor on the Platter guide to SA wine labels) is the dinosaur headed for the dodo graveyard.

Come and judge for yourself at the Taj Hotel this afternoon between 5 and 7pm. The wines, some cheese and bread and conversation will all be available in abundance.

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