Memory Mattresses and Capsized Gazpacho

Neil Pendock December 14, 2012 1

A bouncy but abbreviated birthday cruise on Table Bay yesterday afternoon with glamorous PR Nicky Arthur and a gaggle of tourism’s hacks plus Cathryn Henderson, the Anna Wintour of wine, on the muscle boat Ocean Princess (below). Rustic Italian snacks by Big Route in Green Point, which I misheard as Big Root, which would play well Down Under.

Alas, sunset sipping at Clifton turned out to be “teaze the proles at The Grand” after a tray of Gazpacho served in shot glasses, capsized in the swell. Bubbly from Avontuur and still wines from Creation with the Sauvignon Blanc 2012 paired with sushi, a most sensible match. No reds on carpet considerations and besides, red gives bubbly hostess Nicky, a headache. We left before the memory mattresses on board were put through their paces but not before a pretty in pink birthday cake was served. My wish? That this become a Groundhog Day experience.

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  1. Mr Chow December 17, 2012 at 10:17 am -

    Anna Wintour pomping Bob Marley.

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