Neil Pendock March 6, 2014 0

KZMCC reads like those Zionist badges on the khaki overalls of adherents of the Zion Christian Church at Moria in Limpopo, led by the handily named Saint Engenas Lekganyane. And the new 2010 vintage bubbly from Klein Zalze certainly invokes a quasi-religions ecstacy. “As good as sex” according to Kalinka Lombard (below), the stylish reporter from Wine Style at Ottimo Cibo today. We were, after all, in Bishopscourt and this was a bubbly “to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window” as Raymond Chandler remarked.


Some say that Ottimo Cibo is owned by Oscar Pistorius’s lawyer, but judging by the quality of food served today with the KZMCC, I have my doubts, for this was a million miles away from Pollsmoor peas and gravy. Even though party poopers Eskom withdrew their services from Cape Town this afternoon, we still managed to eat and drink like Roman Caesars, even if the fiddles being played were without amplification.

If this is what Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz (a member of the OJ Simpson defence team) means when he tells failed CNN TV host Piers Morgan that SA is a “failed country” I say “bring it on Al. At least we don’t fire hellfire missiles at late Stoneage people from high altitude drones like some more successful countries do.” Glass houses and stones certainly come to mind.

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