Kev, Krazy & Konfused

Neil Pendock August 8, 2013 0

Poor old Komputer Kev Kidson, publisher of cyber bullying site, has opened his kakehole again to change feet. Someone calling themselves Kevin Kidson comments today “Neil used this platform to attack people for a long time before I finally had enough and put an end to it.” Of course I’m still listed as a writer as Kev kan’t work delete yet.


Yet last week he was telling Bertus van Niekerk who posted an interview on the troll board and asked for it to be removed “Neil was NOT fired after pressure from WOSA – we stopped using his articles because they became so absolutely boring that our readers were complaining – pure and simple. I have never, nor will ever take instructions from WOSA. If Neil thinks he was fired from WineNews, maybe he started the rumour that he was fired from Platter, because we also did not fire him. We gave him 6 months notice that we would be not be purchasing articles from him.” So boring in fact that my stories were regularly the most popular on the site. As indeed is the one Kev komments on.

Of course Kev didn’t have the guts to tell me I was a yawn when he emailed a year ago “we have decided to terminate our permanent monthly agreement with you and revert to an ad-hoc basis. To allow you some time to pick up a new commission, can we please try for end November 2012. Our reason is to try and spread our very meagre budget into a larger selection of writers. As you know, we are trying to encourage new blood into wine writing.

We really are sorry about this as we go back a long way, but we need to change the way we do things at WineNews – we need to get some new energy flowing.” This they certainly get from the armies of snatches, trolls and cyber bullies who have invaded the site.

Oh dear Kev, it’s extra helpings of porky pies all round. Like you’re not the Kevin Kidson who called the marketing manager of Du Toitskloof an opportunistic Dutchman. Does anyone take this poltroon seriously?

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