Curtain set to rise on VinExpo in Hong Kong

Neil Pendock May 28, 2012 0

Flight CX748 from Johannesburg to Hong Kong this morning was less than half full. The expected rush of SA winemakers to VinExpo didn’t materialize. In fact the only wino I saw was WOSA deputy chairman James Reid and he was flying pointy class while I was in poverty. Admittedly, he was off to Japan and some Aussies were paying, so the perennial complaint of WOSA flying business (at least) while the industry flies economy, does not apply. To drink, Obikwa Sauvignon Blanc or Chilean Cabernet, neatly summing up the USPs of the respective countries.

Meanwhile the last day of the Gugulethu Wine Festival pulled out all the stops. Gugs was standing room only on Saturday and the lesson seems to be forget about Friday – too many VIPs – and join the hoi polloi on Saturday. Something of a general rule for wine do’s, I think. Pendock’s law which translated to VinExpo, should give me tomorrow off with Wednesday and Thursday the days to taste.

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