Chivas looks towards an alcohol ad-free future

Neil Pendock November 18, 2013 0

Subscribe to Business Day for six months before the end of the year – either e-paper or dead-tree (they cost the same which sounds crazy as electrons are a lot cheaper than trees and Amos on a bicycle) – and get a bottle of Chivas Regal 12 yo whisky for free.  Norman Goodfellows sells Chivas for R240 a bottle, so you’re looking at a 10% discount on the R2241 price.  Worth it to read Alec Hogg and David Gleason I’d have thought.


What a pity one of SA’s world beating brandies is not an option. Or has SA brandy abandoned the field? The promotion works on so many levels and I wonder whether Chivas gets your email as part of the deal. For when Bidet can no longer advertise the Scottish stuff – or indeed any alcohol – they have your number for direct marketing. Can you hear the loud snoring sound from SA brandy producers? It keeps me awake at night.

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