Chenin: winemakers should not have the loudest voice

Neil Pendock March 12, 2014 0

The Good Value Guru was up at sparrow fart this morning tasting Chenin Blanc. Chenin is currently being given a thorough going-over. The French judges of the Classic Wine Trophy Show last week and now the GVG.


I caught up with Charles Banks at Mondiall yesterday and asked him whether Chenin can make a classic wine as the French struggled to find classicism in the wines entered into Christophe Durand’s show. Chas agreed that sometimes “the sweetness can become to much which is why we’re looking for mineral sites. We want to let the vineyards do the talking. Letting the winemaker have the loudest voice is not always a good thing. Sometimes there is too much wood. Too much ripeness. Too much of everything. Classicism can be achieved by turning down the volume.”

Let’s see whether the GVG can find the classic voice of Chenin Blanc. Come along to the Taj Hotel this afternoon at 5pm and listen to the sweet music of the spheres and taste some musical Chenin.

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