Bubbles for Barack

Neil Pendock November 25, 2008 0

After declaring his run for the White House back in February 2007, Barack Obama took his wife Michelle LaVaughn to their favourite Chicago West Side restaurant Blackbird to celebrate. The tables are so close together “only someone who eats like a bird can squeeze between them” according to foodie website www.gayot.com. To drink with Paul Kahan’s minimally elegant fare (grilled California sturgeon with piquant sauerkraut gnocchi), the sommelier recommended two glasses of Graham Beck Brut NV which the restaurant offers by the glass. The main attraction being that this was the fizz served at Nelson Mandela’s inauguration in 1994. An African bubbly for an African-American wannabe president.

Pieter Ferreira, purveyor of bubbly to Barack

Michelle ordered refills on the 4th of November – six bottles of Graham Beck Brut to celebrate the election of the 44th president, popped before the president-elect addressed the world at Grant Park. Graham Beck winemaker Pieter “bubbles” Ferreira denies that “yes we can” is being considered as a neck label for the next release of his benchmark bubbly.

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