Brett crimes at the ABSA Top 10 Pinotage Competition

Neil Pendock July 12, 2012 0

The cops descended on Nederburg today and it was not to close it down for crimes against entertainment in the shape of that amateur theatre production MasterChefSA. No. the offense was Brett (Brettanomyces, a barnyard character caused by a spoilage yeast) in 11 of the 132 wines judged for this year’s ABSA Top 10 Pinotage Competition. PC Miguel “Brett” Chan and his trusty assistant Anthony “knacker” Hamilton Russell (below) got their man. Eleven times.


A lesser problem was a Nando’s mercaptan, colourfully described as “chicken feathers” by Hammo, although there was good news for Joaquim Sa, MD of Amorim Cork SA. Not a single wine showed the slightest sign of TCA. Only one re-pour was requested over two days of tasting and that was for oxidation and the second bottle was worse than the first. And yes, both were cork closed. One door closes and another opens, as they say in the disaster wine handbook.

Tasting has gone so well, convener Duimpie Bayly has promised to reward us with a private tasting of Nederburg wines led by Wilhelm Piemaar and a cellar tour tomorrow. No wonder Hammo, pleasantly surprised at being paid to taste said “I’m enjoying myself so much, I’d pay R1000 to judge”. Don’t tell ABSA! Although I now look at Duimpie in a different light when he claimed to miss the tortoise in the waterblommetjie bredie we enjoyed for lunch. The tortoise replaced by lamb.

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