Position Vacant: Best Brandy in SA

Neil Pendock February 1, 2014 0

Adolf K Spangenberg (below, left) is a video news journalist who has been to every African country, bar one. Yesterday it was Kigali, Rwanda, as air hub for the continent. Today the long form story is SA brandy. He has the knack of asking naive questions that make you question the whole caboodle


Interviewed in my Wine Gallery @ Taj this afternoon, Adolf asked me “if SA makes the best brandy in the world” – take your pick of KWV 15, Van Ryn 12 and Oude Molen VoV 14 at various different competitions – “which is the best brandy in SA?” Of course there isn’t one as there is no SA brandy tasting competition. Why not?

If you really wanted to know the best Portuguese wine, would you ask an ad-taking English language magazine like Decanter or Wine Spectator? Why then does SA brandy rely on UK panels when it comes to the soul of SA wine, as Caroline Snyman memorably described brandy. If SA brandy does not believe in itself, why should anyone else?

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