Achoo! Pendock Punts David Finlayson as Diners Club Winemaker of the Year 2013

Neil Pendock October 26, 2013 0

Have Diners Club been too clever by half with their photo of five of the six finalists for Diners Club Winemaker of the Year 2013 (below)? From the composition of the study, its as clear as the nose on his face who the winner is. Toupées off to David Finlayson, my pick for Diners Club Winemaker of the Year for 2013 for his Edgebaston Pepper Pot 2012.


As a judge on the competition, which boasts the most glamorous auditor in the business, I had to rely on my crystal balls to chose the winner. For this is one competition that is tighter than a whale’s blow hole at fifty fathoms. And we’re not talking gross and greasy haired Camps Bay bloggers here, either!

All six finalists are award worthy and making the final cut is reward enough. Almost. But are Diners missing another trick in not asking their cardholders to buy a six pack of the finalists, taste them and tweet their choice? Not only will card holders feel that they’re getting something for the annual charge, but the finalists will shift stock, which is everyone’s objective in these tight times. For in these Oscars of SA Wine, we’re all members of the Academy and we all should have a vote.  It’s called democracy.

I’ve had a look at the stars and casting a natal chart for David, superimposed on the configuration of the constellations as seen from La Residence in Franschhoek at dinner time on Saturday 30th November and I’m putting my money on Davo. If the stars are correct, then the Finlaysons own Diners. For Davo’s dad Walter has won it twice and uncle Peter, once.

There is one mystery, however. The Best Value Wine Guide of Mark Norrish lists the composition of the wine as “72% Shiraz, 7% Mourvèdre, 7% Grenache, 7% Cinsaut”  which does not compute. Once that’s been cleared up, all that remains to speculation is “will the budget stretch to importing Sparks to perform Achoo at the awards dinner at the end of next month?” As the wine costs less than R80 a bottle, there should be plenty of cash for entertainment. If not, here are some of the lyrics:

“Grey hair and a dash and a flair give your doctor an air
I’m hurt, but the choice that you made is an obvious one
For a girl who needs care
I do hope that he makes you well
Say, is there any cure for Hell
Achoo – one size fits everyone
Achoo – one breath, the deed has been done
Sing, Ile de France and everywhere
You can’t ignore that sort of air
Achoo – one size fits everyone
Achoo – one breath, the deed has been done “

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